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Harmonisation of European Standards in the Field of Foundry Machinery Safety

Since 1990, CEMAFON has been intensively dealing with the harmonisation of national rules, regulations and standards in Europe concerning the safety of foundry machinery and equipment.

These standards are jointly elaborated by the representatives of the relevant mechanical engineering companies, the national supervisory boards as well as the equipment users. Most of the TC experts are staff members of CEMAFON member companies and they are aiming to ensure that their interests are taken into account in the process of safety standardisation.

Another reason for the elementary interest of CEMAFON in standardisation work is that the harmonisation of the legislative directives for foundry machinery and the related equipment might lead to a removal of trade barriers within the European community.

The Technical Committee 202 on behalf of the European Standardisation Committee (CEN) was established under the leadership of CEMAFON in 1990. Its secretariat is held by DIN and its secretary is Winfried Resch who is a staff member of VDMA.

CEN/TC 202 is authorised by the European Committee for Standardisation CEN and thus has a mandate to elaborate standards for the safety requirements to foundry machinery and equipment. For details about contents and status please refer to the following paragraphs.

In detail, the following harmonised safety standards are elaborated by the representatives of the foundry machinery industry, the national regulatory authorities and customers/operators:

  • EN 869:2009 Safety Requirements for High-Pressure Metal Diecasting Units
    Status: Harmonised Standard*
  • EN 710:2010 Safety Requirements for Foundry Moulding and Core Making Machinery and Plant and Associated Equipment
    Status: Harmonised Standard*
  • EN 1247:2010 Safety Requirements for Ladles, Pouring Equipment, Centrifugal Casting Equipment and Continuous and semi-continuous Casting Equipment
    Status: Harmonised Standard*
  • EN 1248:2009 Safety Requirements for Abrasive Blasting Equipment
    Status: Harmonised Standard*
  • EN 1265:2010 Noise Test Code for Foundry Machines and Equipment
    Status: Harmonised Standard*
* Meet the requirements of the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

All foundry machinery and foundry equipment being placed or put into service on the European market has to be in line with the EU Machinery Directive which is substantiated by harmonised product standards.

Starting with the Plenary Meeting of the new ISO/TC 306 "Founry Machinery" (chaired by China) in Jinan/CN, CEN/TC will work closely with the ISO committee. It is planned to publish the European safety standards as EN ISO standards in the future.
CEMAFON applied for "liaison" with ISO/TC 306.

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