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AddressV. Lo Stradone, 7
31050 Ponzano Veneto (TV)
Phone0039 0422 609 110
Fax0039 0422 612 633

Company Profile

TVT Termoventiltecnica starts its activity from the construction of air treatment plants. The typical structure of handcrafted plant, founded by Mr Giovanni Picciol, grew into the stable and concrete industrial en-terprise. The head enterprise of TVT is sit-uated in Italy. The produced equipment is used in all kind of industries and sectors.  Nowadays the company is famous at the in-ternational market. 

Thirty years or so later, TVT has reached a leadership in gas suction, filtration and en-ergy-recovery systems.  We have been always looking for the best solution for every single client starting from the managing of already existing solu-tion to the delivery of the new “ready-to-use” plant. Moreover, we have always been looking and putting our attention to the environ-ment. The continuously research and sev-eral norms for emissions in atmosphere bring our enterprise to on-going moderni-zation of our technology used to produce the plants.

Product Profile

  • Filtration plant for melting furnaces (induction, reverberative, arc, rota-ry, combustion, cupola and other furnaces) with CO oxidation, SOx and dust abatement, etc.
  • Automatic scrubbers for oils, amines, phenols, dust purification . Applications: die-casting, core-making, tempering, rolling, scrap crushing and others
  • Plants for potentially explosive gas and dust filtration
  • Dedusting plants for sand prepara-tion, moulding, shake out and other processes with high dust content
  • Filtration plants for zinc, aluminium, copper, lead treatment
  • Dry treatment systems for SOx and chlorides with chemical reagents
  • Systems to treat NOx
  • Noise insulation
  • Gas/air” and “gas/liquid” heat-exchangers
  • Gas filtration and energy recovery for high temperature process
  • CO and VOC thermal and catalytic oxidizers

Machines and plants for moulding material preparation and sand reclamation

  • associated equipment

Machines and plants for moulding and core making

  • associated equipment

Pouring machines and equipment

  • associated equipment

Pressure die casting machines

  • associated equipment

Other foundry machines and equipment

  • Environmental control and disposal

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