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Modelleria Brambilla

AddressVia del progresso 1
42015 Correggio (RE)
Phone0039 522 637 763
Fax0039 522 637 732

Company Profile

Modelleria Brambilla is a ISO 9001 certified company, has been implementing high quality products in the foundry engineering industry. With his 20-year experience, Eugenio Brambilla established the company in Carpi in 1951. Over the years, it developed from a small craft industry, which mainly dealt with local operators, into a company whose products are exported all over the world. Yet, it maintains its creativity skills and its capability of handling unforeseen events as well as adapting to the most complex situations, that are typical features of a big and reliable Italian Company.

Product Profile

Modelleria Brambilla mainly manufactures Core Boxes, Molds and Tools for the automotive industry. Ranging from cars and lorries, to F1 cars, a number of vehicles are equipped with cylinder heads and crankcases manufactured in our works.

Our products are made with certified materials and procedures.

Steel is exposed to heat treatments that are carried out according to the production needs and are agreed upon with the customers.

Pattern and die making

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