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AddressVia Negrotto, 38
20157 Milano (MI)
Phone0039 02 3800 3800
Fax0039 02 3800 3127

Company Profile

Marconi company was born in Milan on 1946 as an Aluminium foundry and specialized workshop for the planning and production of molds for foundries. In the 50’s Marconi company begun to build furnaces for melting Aluminium; at the beginning only for internal use and then, because their excellent performance, also for other foundries. Actually Marconi company is the first Italian manufacturer of Aluminium basin furnaces and one of the biggest in Europe.

Marconi was been the first italian company to build their own furnaces with refractory monoblocs instead of the traditional bricks and layers. They are the only company who produce refractory materials inside their factory just to get specifical and different refractory formulas wich means guarantee of excellent melted alloy and long lasting refractory lining. More than 20 agents worldwide allow to the company to be present over many international markets.

Product Profile

  • Marconi company is specialized in planning and manufacturing of exclusively Aluminium
  • Gas, Gas-oil and electric furnaces.
  • The basic production is the following:
  • Melting and Holding furnaces with capacity ranging from Kg.400 to Kg. 2.000
  • Holding furnaces with capacity from Kg. 500 to Kg. 4.000
  • Tilting melting furnaces with capacity from Kg.900 to kg.10.000
  • Ladles for melted Aluminium , thermocouples , SiC sheats and cements for repairing or re-lining.
  • Company is specialized in planning of furnaces for specifical needs.

Machines and equipment for melting shops

  • melting furnaces, holding furnaces
  • associated equipment

Pressure die casting machines

  • associated equipment

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