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AddressVia Irno, 219
84135 Salerno (SA)
Phone0039 089 688 111
Fax0039 089 481 766

Company Profile

Magaldi Industrie founded in 1929 in Salerno, is a leading manufacturer of industrial systems and plants for bulk material handling at high temperatures in coal-fired power plants, cement industries, waste ash plants, steel plants, foundries and metal refining plants. Magaldi's mission is to design, manufacture and market reliable, high-quality systems that provide environmentally sustainable industrial solutions worldwide.

The company philosophy is based on the concept “Dependable Technologies”, meaning constant reliability over time. The confirmation comes from a large number of foundries that have adopted the patented  steel belt conveyor, known as Magaldi Superbelt®.

Product Profile

  • Casting transportation;
  • Casting cooling;
  • Sprue removal;
  • Sprue crusher feeding;
  • Shot blasting loading;
  • Casting sorting;
  • Hot Sand transportation and cooling.

  • The Magaldi Superbelt® “P type” has been designed to withstand very high mechanical impacts caused by heavy material
  • The Magaldi Superbelt® “PR type” has been designed without sidewalls to facilitate sorting and degating operations.
  • The Magaldi Superbelt® “PZ type” is based on the Superbelt®  "P type”, adding a belt surface without steps in the overlapping area of the pans.

MCC® – Magaldi Casting Cooler
The MCC® is designed to offer handling and cooling of castings and to assure maximum productivity.

Magaldi Ecobelt®
The Magaldi Ecobelt® is the latest state of the art conveyor for handling hot materials, aggressive chemicals, heavy or sharp products. It is designed completely enclosed in a steel casing to prevent dust dispersion to the environment.

Other foundry machines and equipment

  • Conveying and storage systems

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