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IMS S.r.l.

AddressVia Filippo Turati 110/1
21016 Luino (VA)
Phone0039 0332 542 424
Fax0039 0332 542 626

Company Profile

Founded over 70 years ago, Carlo Banfi is an international leader in engineering and construction of machines and equipment for shot blasting, de-dusting  and mechanical pickling of metallic surfaces.

In April 2010 Carlo Banfi merged to IMF Group headquartered in Luino (VA) Italy, under the Division IMS (Italian Manufacturer of Shot blasting Machines).

Our range of products meet customers’ demands with to-date technology and equipment in compliance with EC regulations, Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection standards. Its Management System is certified  under the UNI EN ISO 9001.

Carlo Banfi achieved this target by constantly assisting customers and offering the best solution to meet their demands. A renovated warehouse allows continue supply of spare parts also for machines even dating back to a few decades.

Product Profile

  • Sand-removal and shot blasting of castings (ferrous and non-ferrous) for removal of sand and scales;
  • Continuous pass-through shot-blasting machines for blooms, billets and belts for removal of calamine with optional systems for visual and ultrasound controls
  • Shot blasting of rolled sections and complex structures to prepare surface to painting:
  • Mechanical pickling of metal wire and rods
  • Shot-blasting machines to achieve surface roughness of rolls for rolling mills;
  • Mechanical pickling of bars
  • Continuous shot blasting of pipes and tubes before coating and/or painting;
  • Cleaning and regeneration of railway wagons and containers (paint removal);
  • Automated shot-peening of leaf springs, coil springs, parabolic springs and diaphragm springs
  • internal and external shot blasting of the miscellaneous vessels  (eg. gas cylinders, boiler, etc.) to prepare surface for painting and metallization;
  • Shot blasting of forged and molded parts, etc.

Machines and equipment for knock-out, fettling and finishing

  • blasting machines
  • associated equipment

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