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AddressLas Marineras, 13
Phone0034 918 874 039
Fax0034 918 844 382

Company Profile

HORMESA-CONTICAST is a worldwide group founded in 1987, we are known for providing turn-key solution to foundries for ferrous and non ferrous metals and we have facilities in Spain, UK, Colombia and Mexico.

We manufacture everything in Europe: furnaces for melting and holding ferrous and non-ferrous metals, continuous casting line for casting billets, wires, ingots, tube and strip.

We offer to our customer turnkey project including engineering and knowledge sharing.

We also provide battery lead recycling plant and scrap recycling process to add value to our customer scrap.

One of the biggest HORMESA advantage is that by offering all technologies we are able to offer and advice our customer the most suitable and profitable solution for his own case, because every plant is different.

Product Profile

  • Melting furnaces for ferrous and non ferrous metal (Gas / Resistance / Induction)
  • Holding/casting furnace for non ferrous metal (Gas / Resistance / Induction)
  • Continuous casting plant (horizontal and vertical) for copper alloys: Rod / Tube / Strip
  • Semi continuous casting for billet
  • Continuous casting plant for steel billet and wire
  • Continuous casting plant for precious metal (Gold / Silver)
  • Tilting rotary furnace
  • Transport laddles

Machines and plants for moulding material preparation and sand reclamation

  • associated equipment

Machines and equipment for melting shops

  • charge make-up and charging equipment
  • melting furnaces, holding furnaces
  • associated equipment

Pouring machines and equipment

  • pouring equipment
  • (semi-) continuous casting machines
  • associated equipment

Pressure die casting machines

  • associated equipment

Complete turn-key foundry plants (planning and construction, engineering, setting into operation)


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