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Hirtenberger Engineered Automation

AddressBorsigstra├če 1
40880 Ratingen
Phone0049 210 274 59 00
Fax0049 210 274 59 040

Company Profile

HEA Foundry is a Hirtenberger group company dedicated and specialized in Foundry Automation solutions. Since more than 40 years our team focuses in particular on treatment of castings. Our deburring presses are known worldwide.

With our tooling capabilities we provide a one stop shopping along with full customer service. Customized robotic solutions such as unpacking of red-hot casting, pouring melted metal and core inserts are familiar to us. Automation of the core making shop is another speciality of our company. Our international sales & engineering team looks forward serving you.

Our second business unit provides automated assembly lines dedicated to the handling of explosive materials.

Product Profile

  • Foundry Automation
  • Deburring presses, tooling and toolchanger
  • Robotized deburring and grinding
  • Robot machining
  • Core handling and core setting
  • Robotized pouring
  • Assembly system and assembly lines

Machines and plants for moulding and core making

  • associated equipment

Pouring machines and equipment

  • pouring equipment

Pressure die casting machines

  • associated equipment

Machines and equipment for knock-out, fettling and finishing

  • fettling installations, grinding machines
  • robots, manipulators
  • associated equipment

Other foundry machines and equipment

  • other equipment

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