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AddressV. Vanzago, 2
25030 Paratico (BS)
Phone0039 035 917 975
Fax0039 035 917 782

Company Profile

For over 30 years our company has produced automatic lines and machine for the production of cast iron heating items, such as radiators and boiler elements for home heating.

Our business began at the half of 70’s by gaining invaluable experience in \"Thermoshock\" technology, for the production of cores for heating radiators and boiler bodies.

During the last 20 years we have been improving our business by devoting ourselves to the production of complete automatic working line and machines for aluminium radiators.

Today Gi-Zeta Impianti is a top company in its field, with important references from the main Italian and international producers in foundry field.

The particular care of all necessities of our customers, the flexibility of our plants and the incessant technical innovations are the characteristic of our activities.

Product Profile

  • Foundry field: Cast iron boilers and radiators
  • Special machinery
  • Gi-Zeta Impianti S.r.l. always dedicated itself to special machineries, with particular care to mechanical die-cast aluminium working units.
  • Our associate, Bi-Zeta Engineering S.r.l., studies and reailzes systems for control and automation, and makes our group autonomous and self-sufficient in the designing and production of our installations.

Machines and plants for moulding and core making

  • core making machines and plants
  • associated equipment

Pressure die casting machines

  • associated equipment

Machines and equipment for knock-out, fettling and finishing

  • associated equipment

Other foundry machines and equipment

  • other equipment

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