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AddressVia Trento, 178
Phone0039 030 974 9300
Fax0039 030 974 8213

Company Profile

Gauss is one of the world leaders in the gravity casting automation.

Founded in 1967, today Gauss has supplied hundreds of gravity die casting cells to the world’s main foundries: gravity casting machines, linear cells, carousels and pre-finishing cells.

Gauss, UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified,  provide engineering analysis for each production step with complete flexibility and customization, from design to technical support during production. It has scrupulously designed the entire production system which employs standardized devices and an efficient coordination between data-flow and production elements, including human resources.

Gauss offers turnkey solutions for the production of complex automotive castings: cylinder head, engine block, engine support, intake manifold, turbocharger body, chassis, master cylinder, wheel, steering knuckle, suspension arm, front and rear caliper brake.

Product Profile

  • Engineering and realization of gravity pouring automation on linear solution or carousel.
  • Full automation with Gauss gantry or with anthropomorphic robots.
  • Absolute flexibility for the installation of any type of casting machine.
  • Gravitydie casting machines.
  • Management of the pouring, extraction, core setting functions with Gantry system or robots.
  • Extraction and core setting grippers dedicated for each piece.
  • Automatic core assembly.
  • Sand core and casting manipulation.
  • Pre-finishing integrated cells:marking, pre-decoring, cutting, degating, deburring, cooling systems.
  • Control and supervision software.

Pouring machines and equipment

  • pouring equipment
  • associated equipment

Pressure die casting machines

  • low pressure die casting machines
  • gravity die casting machines
  • associated equipment

Machines and equipment for knock-out, fettling and finishing

  • fettling installations, grinding machines
  • robots, manipulators
  • associated equipment

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