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AddressViale Europa 64/66
20010 OSSONA (MI)
Phone0039 029 037 9405
Fax0039 029 037 8645

Company Profile

FOUNDRY ECOCER is a leading european company dealing with production and trading of all consumables for non ferrous foundries such as Al,Cu,Mg,Zn. Production set: fluxes for the metallurgical treatment of aluminium, coatings, preshaped ceramics, special metallurgical treatments plants and equipments (injection, filtration, degassing systems, etc.), lubricants and releasing agents for different casting types.

FOUNDRY ECOCER is certified ISO9001 and its quality system together with a first class R&D activity and a technologically advanced laboratory and its worldwide sales net permit to support its customers in all technical and commercial metallurgical demands. As a matter of fact, FOUNDRY ECOCER  is focused on a continual improvement of its human resources, of its production’s plants, of safety and environment rules, of new technologies applied to products and to machineries in order to be fully at the customers’ service.

Product Profile

  • Covering, drossing-off, deoxidizing fluxes in powder and granulated form for non ferrous alloys of Al, Cu, Mg, Zn
  • Product in tablet and granulated form for degassing and  grain refining treatments
  • Product for modifying alloys treatments in powder, granulated form and  Metallic Sodium
  • Fluxes to remove Ca, Na, Mg
  • Coatings for gravity die casting  and LPDC
  • Releasing agents, lubricants, greases for PDC
  • Extrusion lubricants
  • Master alloys tablets Fe-Mn-Cu-Ti-Cr- Ni
  • Master alloys
  • Shafts and Rotors for degassing systems
  • Sheaths and Thermocouples
  • Launders, casting tables, filter boxes, degassing inline equipments
  • Preshaped ceramics on customer’s drawings
  • Degassing treatment and check systems/machineries

Machines and plants for moulding material preparation and sand reclamation

  • associated equipment

Machines and plants for moulding and core making

  • associated equipment

Machines and equipment for melting shops

  • associated equipment

Pouring machines and equipment

  • associated equipment

Pressure die casting machines

  • associated equipment

Other foundry machines and equipment

  • Process control systems
  • Measuring and material testing
  • other equipment


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