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AddressVia Industria, 17
Phone0039 030 963 648 4
Fax0039 030 963 648 6

Company Profile

The characteristic which probably best distinguishes Diesse Presse in the choice undertaken to produce “tailor made” machines for customers who are more and more demanding and qualified. With over 20 year experience in machines and equipment for the foundry.

Diesse Presse has continued to develop its specialized production line with a know-how that is complete and a structure able to follow and control all the production phases: from project research to final testing. Particular attention is given also to after sale assistance, a sector which has grow to become an essential part of a company that “wishes to move with the times”.

Product Profile

  • Diesse Presse at present produces machines for MOULDING and machines for FINISHING.
  • The first category includes the version for gravity die-casting machine and the version for low-pressure die-casting machine.
  • The second category on the other hand is made up of vertical “4 column” flash-trimming presses (from 10 to 100 ton.) that is to say our key product is an “arch press” which allows ample space for handing and picking-up of items.
  • To complete the latter category even further, different optionals on board the machines have been added to improve and facilitate finishing of the die-cast item
  • and to make our machines versatile, easy to tool, and technologically advanced, making them easy to place in a completely automated and moni
  • tored production line

Pressure die casting machines

  • gravity die casting machines
  • associated equipment

Machines and equipment for knock-out, fettling and finishing

  • associated equipment

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