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AddressVia Villapia, 9/11
Phone0039 02 90 32261
Fax0039 02 90 296850

Company Profile

COGEIM EUROPE s.r.l. was set up in 1970. It’s located in Casorezzo (MI) and has been designing and manufacturing surface treatment installations such as shot blasting - desanding – shotpeening and sandblasting machines for over 40 years.

The company has two manufacturing plants on 14000 m² covered area and employs over 70 people.

The experience of Cogeim Europe’s engineers as well as their technical skill and continuous innovative research permit to produce high efficiency machines fulfilling the customers’ needs.

The Company is certified ISO 9001:2008 since 14.12.1999.

The supply of our installations is also inclusive of an after sales service providing always available spare parts and the assistance of qualified engineers.

Product Profile

  • Cast iron, steel and non ferrous material foundries for de-coring – desanding - removal of ceramic parts, tapping slag and clinkers.
  • Aluminium pressure die- casting for the roughening treatment, sandblasting, deburring and fettling of pressure die-cast works
  • Steel pressing for descaling and removal of calamine
  • Heat treatment to clean pieces from possible carbon dross
  • Steel works for the cleaning of plates, sheets and section bars as well as for the preparation of composed structures before painting.
  • Steel drawing and wiredrawing for the mechanical pickling, it means the removal of calamine from wires, bars and coils.
  • Springs, gears and fatigue subject parts: a shotpeening treatment is applied to pieces in order to improve the relevant fatigue limit.
  • Aluminium section bars drawing for satinizing of extruded bars
  • Reconditioning (removal of paint) of components by mechanical abrasion
  • Innovative surface treatments with hi-tech and eye-catching solutions

Machines and equipment for knock-out, fettling and finishing

  • blasting machines

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