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AddressPiazza Vittorio Veneto, 4
10100 TORINO (TO)
Phone0039 011 885 674
Fax0039 011 814 065

Company Profile

Since 1952 the mains and medium frequency CIME CRESCENZI INDUCTION MELTING SRL coreless induction electric furnaces are in operation all around the world. CIME (CRESCENZI INDUCTION MELTING ) S.r.L., settled in Torino, Italy, is a private company absolutely specialized in studying, engineering, projecting and manufacturing coreless induction furnaces in capacities ranging from 200 kgs up 60 tons, rating from 200 up to 10.000 kws. for melting or holding or pouring iron, steel, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, super alloy.

Due to the fact that CIME CRESCENZI is an engineering and manufacturer firm, the company’s customers gain the benefit to deal with a unique supplier responsable for any subject.

Product Profile

  • Actually there are more than 700  CIME-Crescenzi furnaces (of which more than 100 units are of nominal capacity more than 30 tons)
  • CIME CRESCENZI has installed more than 600 prime melters, and it is specialized in big furnaces (15, 30, 60 tons, coreless type) and it is practically involved 100% in iron foundries field.
  • Very important is the revolutionary model CAP - Coreless Automatic Press Pouring that is the unique presspour coreless furnaceall over the world with elliptical coil and heated siphons to automatically press-pour in conjunction with any automatic molding line.
  • The CAP is available with camera control system (Optical) to adjust automatically in real time to the different mold filling parameters instantaneously and CAP are available in 2,4,5,6,8,10,15,25,30 tons sizes.

Machines and equipment for melting shops

  • melting furnaces, holding furnaces
  • associated equipment

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