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ABP Induction Systems GmbH

AddressKanalstr. 25
44147 Dortmund

Company Profile

In over 100 years of serving the metal casting and forging industries, our enthusiasm for molten metal has always been strong. What began 1903 with the first channel induction furnace from ASEA, continued in 1988 with the merger of ASEA and BBC - their knowledge and know-how - into the company ABB. With these roots the Foundry Systems Business of ABB became ABP Induction in the year 2005 as an independent, world wide operating company.
In 2008 ABP Induction LLC merged with the Pillar Induction Group – another expert in induction melting and heating – thereby adding further sites in the USA and China. This merger has turned the ABP Induction Group into one of the global leaders in the industry and will successfully continue the tradition of its predecessors.
The ABP Induction Group today focuses on sales and service in all major industrial regions from 11 locations around the globe: Germany, Sweden, Russia, South Africa, USA, Mexico, Brazil, China, India, Thailand, Japan.

Product Profile

  • Engineering, incl. plant dimensioning, factory planning and layout planning
  • Induction melting furnaces for steel plants
  • Induction melting furnaces for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Channel furnaces
  • Crucible furnaces
  • Heated and unheated pouring systems
  • Accessory Equipments
  • Retrofit, Spare parts, Repairs

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