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Successful start of ISO/TC 306 "Foundry Machinery"

August 01, 2017

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In 2014, Chinese experts from SAC/TC 186 "Foundry Technology" confronted the section Foundry Machinery of the German Standards Institution DIN with the idea of discussing the standardization of foundry machinery at the ISO level in the future. The suggestion was followed by an intensive exchange of views between German companies in the foundry machinery industry. The results were clear: the German companies would support the Chinese suggestion if European standards were taken into account.

Winfried Resch of the DIN Machinery Standards Committee "Foundry Machinery" and Secretary of the European CEN/TC 202 "Foundry Machinery" then met representatives of SAC/TC 186 for preliminary discussions in Shanghai (April 2015), Beijing (March 2016, on the occasion of M+M China) and Jinan (July 2016, on the occasion of China Die Casting).

In advance of the first meeting, CEMAFON (The European Foundry Equipment Suppliers Association) was also involved. Here too, there was a clear decision to support ISO standardization. In addition to Germany, representatives from Denmark, the United Kingdom, Italy and Switzerland indicated their approval. Once again, approval was given subject to the requirement that the European safety standards EN 710 "Foundry moulding and coremaking machinery", EN 869 "Pressure metal diecasting units" and EN 1248 "Abrasive blasting equipment" should be proposed and discussed as draft documents at the level of ISO.
Following approval from Europe, the Chinese representatives submitted to ISO an application for the establishment of a new technical committee (TC). A prerequisite for the establishment of a new ISO-TC is the approval of at least five “P members”. The results of the survey were positive as eight ISO member countries supported the TC and wanted to participate actively in the new ISO/TC 306 "Foundry Machinery":
United Kingdom (BSI) Germany (DIN), Denmark (DS), Japan (JISC), China (SAC), Switzerland (SNV), Thailand (TISI), Italy (UNI).
Apart from the "P" members, 8 "O" members (observers) also responded positively to the survey:
France (AFNOR), Bulgaria (BDS), India (BIS), Bangladesh (BSTI), Mexico (DGN), Malaysia (DSM), Egypt (EOS), Argentina (IRAM), Iran, Islamic Republic of (ISIRI), Mongolia (MASM), Hungary (MSZT), Netherlands (NEN), Greece (NQIS ELOT), Slovakia (SOSMT), Spain (UNE), Czech Republic (UNMZ), Zambia (ZABS).
"O" members can provide comments and suggestions concerning the standards which are being drafted, while "P" members work actively on drafting standards and take part in agreement procedures at various stages of development.
Normally, the country which applies for the establishment of the TC also provides the secretary. Until further notice, China will therefore provide both the chairperson and the secretary of ISO/TC 306:

Chairperson: Shoumei XIONG, Tsinghua University, Beijing
Secretary: Supei DING, Jinan Foundry & Metalforming Machinery  Research Institute Co., Ltd.
The inaugural meeting of ISO/TC 306 "Foundry Machinery" was held in Jinan on 27 and 28 June 2017. Four of the eight P members were represented by delegates. The business plan for the TC was discussed and nine resolutions were adopted. The most important of these concerned the structure of the TC, i.e. its subdivision into working groups (WG). Initially, ISO/TC 306 will work on the following topics:

•    WG 1, Terminology (Chairperson and Secretary from China)
•    WG 2, Safety requirements for foundry moulding and coremaking machinery (Chairperson: Rudolf Wintgens, Secretary: Winfried Resch)
•    WG 3, Safety requirements for metal diecasting machines (Chairperson: Dr. Norbert Erhard, Secretary: Winfried Resch)
A plenary meeting of ISO/TC 306 is to be held once per year. The second meeting (2018) will be be hosted by Germany, taking place at the VDMA offices in Frankfurt am Main.

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