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The European Foundry Equipment Suppliers Association (founded in 1972) is the respected voice and lobby organisation of the European manufacturers of foundry machinery and plants, furnaces and products for the foundry industry. It incorporates about all relevant manufacturers of this kind of equipment. CEMAFON represents its members' interests in economic as well as technical and trade issues.

Member Countries

  • Germany (VDMA Metallurgy)
  • Italy (AMAFOND)
  • Denmark (individual member)
  • Spain (individual member)
  • Switzerland (individual member)
  • United Kingdom (FESA)

Economic Spotlights

The CEMAFON members are holding an important share in the world production and exports of foundry machinery and related equipment. Nearly one third of the total world exports of foundry machinery are originating from these countries. Exports from CEMAFON countries are amounting to 30% (which corresponds to approx. 703 m € out of ca. 2.4 bn. € in 2019) of total world exports in the field of foundry machinery and equipment. CEMAFON members are mainly exporting within the European Union (53%), while Asia is the second largest sales market for foundry machinery equipment from Europe with a share of 18%, followed by other European countries (11%) and Latin America (10%). The exports to North American amounted to 6% in 2019.

The CEMAFON member countries produce foundry machinery and related products with a value of more than 2 bn € (estimate).  

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